Why are we in need of funds?

The monthly tuition every parent pays does not cover the basic costs of educating each child. Currently, tuition stands at 400 shekels per month with a 50 shekel discount given for each additional sibling. In truth, the cheder closes each month with a deficit of 40,000 shekels (over $10,000) which accounts only for the bare bones of running the cheder including general upkeep of the building, security system, cleaning services, and staff payroll. 

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While our exceptional parent body is committed to paying tuition, we strive to keep the burden as light as possible since we know that many of our families struggle to make ends meet. The Cheder’s uncompromising excellence comes, of course, at a price, which means that each month Beis Eliyahu remains several thousands of shekels over budget.

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