Meet the Hanala

Rabbi Dovid Reichmann, 

Rabbi Aryeh Domnitz, 


Rabbi Domnitz was tapped to start the Cheder by its founder Rabbi Dovid Reichman. As a vibrant & concerned community member, Rabbi Aryeh Domnitz was the ideal choice to fashion the unique character of the Cheder as envisaged by its founder Rabbi Dovid Reichman. He was born in Manchester, England settling in London, England in his early teens. Over the course of his high school years at the Hasmonean School of London he slowly consolidated his commitment to growth with his uncanny ability to guide others along the path with him already discernable at this young age. He continued his studies in a Yeshiva Ketana in Manchester & Mir in Yerushalayim where again he showed an unusual affinity to attract and help others grow with him. In 2000, Rabbi Domnitz married and moved to Israel. He studied in the Mirrer Kollel in Yerushalyim for the first few years until he moved to RBS. There he learned in Kollel whilst teaching part-time at a Yeshiva injecting warmth and creating an attractive learning environment for post-high school boys. Not one to keep his love for learning to himself and driven by his desire to help others learn and grow, Rabbi Domnitz immersed himself in numerous important community initiatives. One most successful endeavor was the founding of a flourishing night Kollel where today over 40 working professionals come nightly to learn Torah. The second includes the initiating of Kehilas Bnei HaYeshivos. Rabbi Domnitz is uniquely positioned to serve as the cheder’s parent body liaison. His unusual availability and responsiveness stem from a resolute determination to bring Anglo-style service & communication to the educational system in Eretz Yisrael. He is beloved for his personal relationships with the students of Beis Eliyohu, and can frequently be found greeting each boy with a broad smile and handshake. With his trademark congeniality, finesse, and geshmak, he has created a cohesive, joy-filled environment—a place where both rebbeim and students look forward to coming each day.


Rabbi Shmuel Zalman Eidensohn,

Menahel Ruchani

Originally from Monsey, NY, Rabbi Eidensohn, renowned as a master educator and for his administrative prowess, oversees a network of schools in Ramat Beit Shemesh as well as one in Switzerland. Rabbi Eidensohn also serves as Yosheiv Rosh of the Kupah shel Tzedakah fund of Ramat Beit Shemesh.


His numerous community initiatives include establishing Keren Lev Yisrael, a not-for-profit organization that holds massive weekly food sales at reduced prices; Maazanim, an organization that helps families get out of poverty by balancing their finances; and Ma'aneh, an organization that deals with child abuse.

Rabbi Binyomin Jacobson,


Born and bred in London, England, Rabbi Jacobson is the son of Rav Dovid Jacobson, acclaimed Headmaster of Hasmonean High School for decades. Trained as an educational consultant and psychotherapist specializing in CBT, Rabbi Binyomin Jacobson has extensive experience in the field of education, having spent fourteen years working in a Jerusalem school, Chochmas Shlomo. Rabbi Jacobson’s vision is “To bring out the best in each student according to his individual capabilities and to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted and well-educated children.”

The cheder years, says Rabbi Jacobson, serve as the foundation for the next stages of a child’s life. “Here we give them what they need to go on to a successful, well-balanced future.

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