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Our Administration

Our dedicated administration shares their passion and dedication to Jewish life and learning, and create an atmosphere of excitement and stimulation, whilst instilling a love of learning in our talmidim.

The fact that the administration is English-speaking makes an enormous difference for Anglo families. There is always someone to speak to—in native English. There is a shared mindset and values. Furthermore, the Administration helps families find their way through the ins and outs of the Israeli school system so they can successfully navigate their children’s educational path.

In the words of the Menahel Rav Domnitz “We guide parents on how to work their way through the Israeli system and advise how best to deal with the differences to their more Anglo mindset. This way we save many the discomfort of being slighted by the system – an unfortunate occurrence in some  Anglo Olim families.”  Our founding principles - a strong focus on individual attention and an emphasis on developing good middos, have been “imported” from Anglo school systems and are an integral part of the Beis Eliyohu framework.

Our Rebbeim are hand-picked for their professionalism, experience and for their warmth and caring.

Here you will find rebbeim who truly care about each and every student and who go the extra mile all day, every day.


Staff Development
At Beis Eliyohu we know that the secret to happy children is happy teachers and staff. To this end, we regularly hold trips and other events for our staff to create a positive morale and a creative, enjoyable atmosphere where the teachers and Administration function as a unified team with one goal in mind: helping each student achieves his maximum potential. 

Secular Studies Curriculum
The secular studies program at Beis Eliyohu is overseen by an experienced Secular Studies Principal; workbooks and notebooks are sent home monthly so parents can monitor their children’s progress are learning. The well-rounded secular studies curriculum includes a full mathematics course in addition to Science, History, Hebrew Reading, Writing, Grammar, Comprehension, and Hebrew language skills.

This is a special place, where every child feels that he belongs. Permeated with a sense of fun and excitement, yet rooted in a high standard of excellence, Beis Eliyohu is a healthy, wholesome place where children flourish and grow—spiritually, scholastically, and emotionally.


Progress Monitoring
Every teacher in the Cheder writes and presents monthly progress reports on each child to ensure that our students’ progress is carefully tracked. Aside from periodic written tests, our students look forward to special “bochanim”, distinguished rabbis who come into our classrooms to test the boys’ knowledge, giving them a special opportunity to display their learning prowess and receive ample praise for it. How these boys glow after these much-awaited bechinos! 


Remedial Education
Our school offers a remedial program to help augment reading skills and to help all children at every grade level who struggle with their learning.

Certified remedial teachers take children out of class to teach them one-on-one in a relaxed, quiet environment, encouraging them with special prize charts and incentives.

Skills and Development
All our preschool teachers receive special training in a ground-breaking, newly released program called “Chatzer Pe’ila” which tests for gross and fine motor development and enables them to develop these abilities in the children during recess play.

As part of the Early Childhood Education program, we have weekly Music and Movement classes to develop the children’s rhythm, physical well-being, and creativity.



A necessary part of raising healthy, well-balanced children is providing fun activities and breaks on a regular basis. Trips – termed by the beloved Hebrew word “Tiyulim”, are eagerly awaited by all the classes even the youngest in age. They offer children a nice opportunity to spend time with the Rebbeim in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Usually, we organize two annual tiyulim—one during the winter term and one during the summer term. Our trips are educational and fun and include destinations like the Zoo, Mei'achorei Ha'Devash, Ashdod Marine  - to name just a few.

All trips are age-appropriate, and meet Ministry of Education standards for security and supervision.

The cheder subsidizes these trips in order to reduce costs to the parents. 

The budget includes private transportation, cost of a guide, a medic, and an armed guard, as well as the cost of the attraction itself.

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