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Our Mission Statement

Beis Eliyohu is a growing, vibrant school whose mission is to create an environment conducive to learning which ignites the love for learning Torah. Our goal is that this passion will become the rich soil from which generations of Torah-true Yidden will grow.

We offer a quality educational experience imbued with solid Torah values. This is all provided by warm professional staff members who invest much effort into each child.

Our History

Talmud Torah Beis Eliyahu was founded 12 years ago to meet a critical need in the Israeli educational system. Families who had made Aliyah from America and Europe often felt lost when faced with the classical Israeli cheder system. While there was a strong desire to acclimate and find a place within the “system”, these parents also wanted to maintain their own identity and values even as they remained within the framework of Israeli chareidi society.

Our school is unique in its ability to combine the advantages of the classical Israeli cheder with its strong emphasis on teaching Torah to its highest  level, with a focus on

individual growth and developing good middos which are values shared by families coming from Chutz Laaretz. 


As Ramat Beit Shemesh has grown to become the city of choice for Olim from all over the world, many people living in chutz l’oretz who have a family member or friend being educated by Beis Eliyahu, can testify that these aims are being achieved year after year. We are a popular choice and are the only school in the area with two streams for each class.


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